Australia Travel Tips – Getting Around the Countryside Cheaply and Safely

Considering a trip to Australia? For years, the Land Down Under has been a popular tourist stop for young and old alike. The sandy beaches, warm climate, spectacular surf spots, and unusual creatures put Australia at the top of many adventurers’ list. Whether you simply want to hear a thickly accented “G’day, mate” or want to sample exotic fares, here are some Australia travel tips to help ensure you’re up for a smooth ride while touring the countryside!1. Travel with enough fuel. Petrol and gas service stations are few and far between. Since you will be traveling deserted roads for quite some time, never travel with anything less than a half tank.2. Bring sandwiches and drinks. Don’t expect snackbars or roadside diners-you may not find one. Bring your own munchies along, so you can eat anytime and anywhere you want.3. Plan for an early dinner. You may be used to city hours, but country restaurants do not operate in city time. They close early-without a takeaway bar left open-so it’s either you eat early or you go hungry.4. Drive carefully. When you encounter a large truck, keep to the edge of the road. Be on the lookout for animals crossing the road. Most importantly, before you even take off for the countryside, check your vehicle twice. It should be roadworthy, so it doesn’t break down on you while you’re miles away from the nearest civilization.5. Dial 000 for emergencies. If you can use your phone, call for help by dialing 000. If you can’t, sit tight and wait for some form of help to arrive. The Australian countryside is unfamiliar territory, and isn’t the best of terrains for walking about.Australia isn’t called the Land Down Under for nothing. It’s indeed a long way from practically everything. Use these Australia travel tips to help you get around cheap and sound.

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