Commercial Real Estate Software and Services

Commercial real estate software refers to a set of solutions that simplify the complete real estate management process, including project and document management, report generation, workflow planning, etc. The software is able to manage all types of real estate projects, starting from commercial to residential, from big to small and so on. It can streamline the business processes of a real estate company to render it more effective, in terms of its functioning, operations and profits.Important business processes in a project are automated and different views of a project are provided for making effective decisions. The commercial real estate software has the advantages of speed and security, combined with the ability to adjust to changing business parameters.Commercial real estate software is an end-to-end solution that is also user-friendly and easily installable. The software provides the users with a total view of the project, including customer data, payment details, receipts, etc., which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Another useful feature of the commercial real estate software is its letter merger facility, where any numbers of letters of different formats can be printed, as and when the need arises.The commercial real estate software is divided into separate modules that take care of the different stages of a real estate project, including pre-construction, construction and post-construction. The commercial real estate software can also be integrated with other software that effectively manages human resources & payroll management and financial accounting functions. Automation of the HR and finance-related functions takes away a lot of workload from the employees, allowing them to give attention to the more important issues.Another important module of the commercial real estate solution is the real estate lease and maintenance management system. It handles the lease management of a project, once the company is over with its construction. The user can divide the project into blocks, towers, etc., as per the company needs and discretion. The system is able to manage applicant data, calculate applicant dues and deposits, lease agreement details, interest plans and transaction reports.

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