Google Local Business Listings – Techniques to Show Up 1st

Everyone is talking about the power of Google Local Business Listings and what it can do for your business regardless of what type of business you own or operate. With Google getting over 70% of all searches on a monthly basis can anyone actually afford not to pay attention to Google Local Business Listings to increase business without breaking the bank.Search Engine Marketing Techniques
You need to what you are doing when adding your business on Google.
You must understand the basic SEO techniques in order to maximize results
You must use the proper keywords and or categories for your business during the sign up process other wise you are never going to show up.
You Must add Pictures To Your Listing
If you have a Video about your business that is always a plus.
Set up your Hours of Operation so that customers know when you are open for business
Customer Reviews, This is the biggest factor when customers see your listing and it does have a weight on results from what we are noticing in searches.
If you have a website add a link from your website back to the Google Local Listing so customers can see both.

Google Guidelines to pay attention to:
Do Not Try and spam with multiple Google Listings with the same phone number ( It Does Not Work )
No matter how many Businesses You own only 1 Address per business ( Do not Use The Same Address for all of your businesses.
Have a Unique Phone Number For Each Listing and Unique Business Address to be successful

There are many other factors and techniques to making your Google Local Map Listing jump to the top of the search results and it comes down to making changes from time to time to see what works best. Google is getting smart with how they rank a listing and we will never know exactly what is the best way to achieve First Page Google Listings other than trying out different tactics that will not get you spammed from Google.We have tried many ways to achieve 1st Page Rankings on Google Local Searches and with most of them working and sometimes they did not work we went back to making small changes to see what factors have the highest weight with Google to make sure the next time when setting up a new Google Local Business Listing for a new client we want to make sure they show up on the first page of Google quickly and stay there for a long time to come.Trying to stay on the first page of Google is like trying to keep your body in shape, you must work out on a regular basis to achieve the goal and the body you have always wanted. SEO is constantly changing and Google changes with it as well, One day Google may rank your website in the top 5 and next week you could be number 11-15. The only way to avoid this is to always update your website with new information in order to show Google you are still alive and kicking.

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