Health and Fitness for Body, Mind, Spirit and Anti-Aging

Male or female, maintaining youthfulness is something we all desire. It’s human nature. In early biblical times it wasn’t unusual to live well beyond 100 years and still remain productive (mentally, physically and even sexually). For example, Abraham and Sarah had their long-awaited son at 100 and 91 years of age, respectively; and Caleb at 85 years of age returned to fight and claim his land with the same energy and passion he had at 40 years old. These people were obviously doing something right.Well, the world has changed dramatically since those early times; and our diet and lifestyle is a far cry from what was the norm several thousand years back. With the present average life expectancy at 77 years, the question so many of us, continue to ask is: exactly how (in this modern world) do we retain our youthful radiance and maintain productivity to a good old age?Studies have shown that the best prevention against aging is through promoting health and fitness of body, mind and spirit. So here are a few tips for anti-aging and habits that are sure to promote the health and fitness of your body, mind and spirit.Healthy eating: it’s very important to eat well for your health

Limit intake of foods that are hard to digest and avoid processed foods
Keep yourself re-hydrated as your body depends on your water intake to function well
Eat more fish, fruits and vegetables which are rich in the vitamins and minerals essential for boosting the immune system, sustaining good vision, preventing disease and eliminating toxins
Minimise intake of salt and sugars which tend to cause and aggravate blood pressure, chronic disease and metabolic disorders
Outdoor/physical exercise: physical activity is essential for overall well-being

Get some sunshine in your life – medical experts agree that the sun stimulates the brain to release a very important feel good hormone for your body, known as Serotonin
Outdoor activity also keeps you connected with the world around you and is great for engaging your body and mind
Get a breadth of fresh air – why not take regular countryside breaks, particularly if you live and work in a polluted, congested, high pressure city
Get involved in endurance sports such as walking, climbing, cycling, as this will keep your body and mind strong
To ease muscle tension as well as minimise falls and sports injuries, do regular stretches and other floor exercises
Relaxation: there is nothing that ages young and healthy individuals faster than stress

Take some time out of your busy schedule, just for yourself, to do something creative and enriching
Developing faith and a prayer life are important for keeping your mind at peace even amidst the challenges of life
Popular eastern practices such as meditation (yoga) and tai chi are also great tools to help develop awareness and balance of body, mind and spirit.
Social life: we are social beings, created for and performing best in the company of others

Get out there and meet new people, share your experiences and learn from others
Make time for loved ones, be encouraging and make a positive contribution in someone else’s life
Get inspired and challenged by others as you get yourself involved in groups, clubs and societies that are of interest to you
Mental activity: a strong and capable mind is an asset worth protecting and developing

Having a positive attitude towards life (reflected both in your words and thoughts) is a key requirement for a healthy spirit and a strong mind
Take the time to dream, plan, prepare and set goals for your life, no matter your age. It gives hope and encouragement for tomorrow
Instead of resisting change, embrace new opportunities and challenges; read widely and learn new skills- life is a journey, not perfect but rewarding
Life is as big and liberating or as small and stifling as you make it out to be. Having a positive mindset and developing healthy habits for your body mind and spirit are essential for anti-aging, sustaining good health and retaining youthful radiance, whatever your age.

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